Better Than Expected

cloud with silver lining...

Why does it work out better than expected?


Why Does It Work Out Better Than Expected?

Well you’re crawling in the muck, underneath your truck
Your wrench just slipped and it’s starting to rain
Your boss just told you off, the horse you bet on lost
And your brand new shirt now has an oil stain.
Go ahead and bang your fist, express your deep distress,
When everything is going down the drain
The last thing you want to hear is a voice that full of cheer
Man you got a right to complain….

Why does it work out better than expected?
Why is this proof that luck is on your side?
Why is it true what you have suspected?
What’s good or bad is always in your mind…

Your computer may have crashed but don’t let your hopes get dashed
Today they cost a lot less to replace
You may be having a bad hair day but at least you got some hair, Hey
Some folks don’t even have a trace…
That old geezer driving slow, you know the… one… who …will… not… go…
Might save you from a moving violation
And the one who broke your heart just gave you a brand new start
And saved you from dysfunctional relations!


Now you may call me a fool, brainwashed in my own drool
You can even say it to my face
But what looks bad right now is really good somehow
And everything is falling into place
Though you can sneer and call me names, point your finger, lay some blame
I dare you to move your thoughts a level higher
Cause if your morning had gone fine, you would have been at work on time
Just as a former colleague lit the fire…


Copyright 2000-2011 by Mark Shepard. All Rights Reserved

This song is from “Thirsty For The Sky” CD: Mark Shepard CD’s