Fire Before The Flame

Where was the Fire before the Flame?....

The Fire Before The Flame

Song #444 | 2/2/2012 | Mark Shepard

When you strike a match on the side of the box
And the flame bursts into view
Did it exist a moment before
Or is it something new?
When the flame of the match catches the candle
Is it still the same flame?
Now blow out the match where did the flame go?
Is it here or did it disappear?
Is it still alive if you close your eyes
And imagine its spark against a darkened sky


Where was the fire before the flame?
Where was the river before the rain?
Where was the pleasure before the pain?
Where were the diamonds before the claim?
Where were the verses before the refrain?
Where was the fire before the flame?

Did you exist before you were this?
Before you dared the air
And where will you go after you’re gone
When you complete your song?
Will something go on like day follows dawn
Like the ripples in the pond move on…
When you breathe a breath from abundance you take
Yet abundance still remains


Where was this song before it came along
And leapt from my guitar?
Was it a hum vibrating from
Some faint and distant star?
Was it a thought here in my head
That danced out through my mouth and hands?
Was it a shout that rang its way out
From some distant time or land?


Copyright 2012 by Mark Shepard.